Oregon Man Arrested After Temporarily Blinding Crowd With Pepper Spray During Rare Eclipse

Talk about an all time dick move. I had a friend drive 7 hours to see this eclipse in Oregon. He was pissed off that he had to go that far, can you imagine the rage he would have if he missed the show because some dude was skeeting some pepper spray into the crowd!

His reason for doing it. “I was protecting their eyes. They had no idea the power of the son. The gods came to me and told me that people weren’t ready. I needed to make them ready. I needed to make them whole. The sun would have melted them down into a fury of fire.” 

Sounds like he was a real “NORMAL” dude…

According to ABC: WARM SPRINGS, Ore.

On a day that felt like a national holiday for an entire nation, a total solar eclipse briefly plunged Central Oregon into darkness Monday morning while providing some stunning celestial imagery.

The region became a hub for eager sky-watchers from all over the world. Many of them arrived in the small town of Warm Springs well before the sun came up – just to watch it disappear.

“You can look around the country and it’s cloudy everywhere,” said Californian Steve Loney. “Here it’s going to be beautiful clear skies, totality. What more can you ask for? It’s a great place.”

The fun was spoiled when 59-year-old male Richard Murphy temporarily blinded a group of watchers with pepper spray. 

One witness recalled: “He (Murphy) was shouting about the sun burning people down. That’s when I saw the spray and heard people scream. I thought he might have launched some chemical weapon at them. I ran.” 

Murphy was booked on assault charges. This is not his first arrest. 

8 people were treated at the scene. 

Written by Colby

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