Old Man Loses His Mind After Girl Grinds On Him At BBQ

Someone Call The Paramedics!!! This old dude might have just had a heart attack!

I love the top comment on the video: This old dude in a scooter is getting twerked on, meanwhile I can’t even get a text back…….

The big issue I have with this video is all of the people filming it! This dude is going to have to explain to his wife why he is blowing up on the internet! Wait, what am I saying. This dude seems like such a savage he would probably upload the video himself!

Here is my true beef with this video. It has over a million views on Facebook. It is a happy go lucky, everyone have a good time clip. And we still have people in the comments that have to throw a fit.

I thought I was disgusted by the young black woman grinding on the old white man in a scooter. But I am more disgusted by the post of these black men. You are acting like little childern . Do you not see how wrong this is of your woman? Do our women see how wrong this is? I am not a old prud that has lost touch of what fun is. This is prue madness. As a black man every black man there had the right to stop her .But instead of stopping her .You stood by and watched,laughed , filmed it. That old white man has probably had more black women than any of you. Nothing funny about it.

This lady needs to just delete her FB if she is going to get so mad at this… There is a lot worse out there. This is gold! Good for the old guy.

I was thinking the same thing. There are a ton of dudes in the back filming and you know they are super jelly. Wishing they were on that scooter getting a booty rubbed on their lap.

Freak Dancing With Old Man!!!

Girl Starts FREAK DANCING With An OLD MAN RIDING A SCOOTER . . . And It Looks Like . . . His HEART Is Ready To GIVE OUT!!! (Someone Call The Paramedics)

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