Oklahoma Woman Hospitalized After Fidget Spinner Got Stuck In Her Vagina

It was only a matter of time. I said this was going to happen after the dude modified his fidget spinner into a penis ring and had to get it removed… People always want to one-up each other when it comes to being morons.

That dude in Florida became a legend after he became the first person to film himself balancing a fidget spinner on his own penis. After a few false starts, we finally managed to contact him to discuss his soon-to-be iconic footage.

A ten year old had to get one removed from her throat.

According to Tulsa NewsOn6:

According to local media reports, the woman had been introduced to fidget spinners by one of her younger cousins and had been playing with the device while in bed when the accident occurred.

A family member who spoke to the media declined to be named, or to name the woman involved in the incident but did answer some questions about what had caused the spinner to become stuck.

“She’s quite embarrassed by it all, as you can imagine, particularly the media attention,” said the woman’s relative. “She said she was playing with the toy in bed, and for some reason, it struck her that it might be funny to see if she could use it to pleasure herself. In hindsight, it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but she tried spinning it near her vagina to see if it felt good.”

According to the relative, it did feel good – at first. “After she tried that she thought she might try and insert part of the spinner into his vagina, but somehow she went too far.”

What happened next required the woman to be rushed to an emergency ward by her neighbours, who heard her cries for help from her bedroom.

“I just heard this God-almighty scream coming from her house, so we rushed over and banged on the door,” said the woman’s 54-year old neighbor. “She let us in and was clutching her mid regions. I asked her: ‘what’s wrong?’ and she just choked out that she needed an ambulance.”

Medical staff who treated the woman believe she must have slipped and accidentally pushed the spinner too far into her vaginal passage. Once inside, the opening closed too tightly to remove it, and the only option was to operate.

“We tried a number of lubrication methods but in the end, we were forced to make an incision to remove the device,” said one of the surgeons involved in the operation.

A number of school across the US have banned the spinners from classrooms, due to students becoming distracted in class.

“There’s a time and a place for these toys, but they should never be used in a sexual context that could harm the user,” said the surgeon.

Fidget spinners have been linked to an increasing number of serious injuries across the US.

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