Nurse Aggressively Arrested After Following Protocol by Refusing to Take Patients Blood

This is one of those viral videos where there is no winner. Everyone will disagree with how it should have happened and why what they did was right or wrong.

It is crazy how many views this already has.

Fox News Wrote: NURSE HANDCUFFED: The Utah nurse is seen on the officer’s body camera following hospital guidelines by refusing to draw blood on an unconscious patient, but the officer refuses to back down and handcuffs her.

Like I said the internet is pretty divided.

And the top comment on Facebook from another nurse was: (This comment got 8900 likes)

As a nurse, she is following her protocol and keeping calm. She has administration on the line, policy in hand, and holding her composure. This “authority” figure did not like being told no and that he had to follow policy. I appreciate that the nurse wanted to protect her patient and advocate for him. That’s what we are trained to do! We are not trained to be bullied, but sadly enough we are bullied by family and patients often and it this case a first responder.

Which of course was battled by another nurse: (this comment got 6000 likes)

Wrong, Debbie. She followed hospital protocol that the police department agreed to with that hospital. A big yes yes. The cop is wrong here.

Check out the video below:

Written by Colby

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