Netflix Pokes Fun At ‘Behind The Curve’ Flat Earthers On Twitter.

After the success and disputation created by Netflix’s Flat Earth documentary Behind The Curve, the streaming large has finally weighed in to supply its thought of opinion on the form of the world.

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Obviously, most folks ‘globeheads’ are in agreement that the world is spherical and rotates round the sun, among our own explicit a part of the galaxy. that’s to mention, people that believe it’s flat don’t seem to be solely wrong, however conjointly silly.

It looks as if Netflix is on board, too.

They confirmed this read on Twitter in a very short statement. aboard a snap of the ‘official’ statement, they said: “Following the responses to Behind The Curve please see below for our official statement on the form of the planet.

“We cannot take queries at now.”

As for the statement itself, it’s pretty short. It reads: “OFFICIAL STATEMENT RE: the form OF the planet

“It’s spherical.”

There you’ve got it, folks. Netflix says the world is spherical, which suggests that it should be true.

Since it absolutely was discharged last year, Behind The Curve has been attracting a mix of gawping curiosity, widespread ridicule, and no bit of disbelief.

It shines a lightweight on people that genuinely believe that the world is one level plain. that’s to mention, the terribly vocal minority of parents WHO truly get the argument that the world is flat.

Even during this documentary – directed by Daniel J. Clark – they with success managed to contradict their own theories.

Let ME justify.

Bob Knodel – notable for being the host on the Flat Earth YouTube channel – makes an attempt to use a fashionable optical maser gyro to contradict the concept that the planet is rotating around its axis.

The $20,000 bit if kit is meant to be wont to check for rotation. that is precisely what it will.

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In the film, Knodel said: “What we have a tendency to found is, once we turned thereon gyro, we tend to found that we tend to were studying a drift. A fifteen degree per hour drift.

“Now, clearly we tend to were balled over by that – ‘Wow, that is reasonably a problem’. we tend to clearly weren’t willing to just accept that, and then we tend to started trying to find ways in which to contradict it absolutely was really registering the motion of the planet.”

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

That’s right, search for ways that to contradict it. That’ll facilitate.
Anyway, the were pretty barrel by this revelation. Knodel confided to 1 of his Flat Earther chums: “We don’t desire to blow this, you know? once you’ve $20,000 during this freaking gyro.

If we tend to drop what we tend to found right away, it’d be dangerous. it’d be dangerous.”

Then he added: “What I simply told you was confidential.”

Remind me why no one takes these guys seriously again?

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