Mother on Verge Saved After Stranger Whispers Into Her Ear Before She Jumped

Charley Wills, a 22-year-old beauty therapist, was about to jump from a multi-storey car park when another woman grabbed on to her waist and refused to let go.

Source: Charley Wills/Facebook

In an interview with the Examiner Live, Charley said:

I just couldn’t handle all things that were happening to me. I had lost my home and a lot of people in my life. I felt like nobody understood and I just needed a cuddle.

I’d got really ill and Hugo [Charley’s one-year-old son] was going back to his dad’s for a few days. That was the day everything went crashing down. I drove to the top of the multi-storey car park – there were so many thoughts going through my head.

Source: Examiner Live

Charley explained how if it weren’t for that woman, she would have jumped from the car park that day. She emphasized how the woman was directy responsible for saving her life.

In my head, I was there for only five minutes but in reality, it was probably about an hour. This lady came over and held my waist. She said, ‘let’s just go and get a cup of coffee, things are going to be okay’.

Every time I inched closer to the edge she would just hold me. If it weren’t for her and the police lady who turned up, my little boy would have no one to tuck him into bed at night.

Source: Charley Wills/Facebook

Following the incident in September, Charley was sectioned. Her recovery has been going well and she now lives with her sister in Wakefield. Charley says her sense of self-worth has improved significantly.

I know my worth now. The day I was sectioned, I would have still got back with my ex. Then I got a message from him saying I should have jumped. To say that to your child’s mother is disgusting.

Charley made a post on Facebook hoping that she would find the woman who’d helped save her life. The woman was eventually found when she was tagged in the post by somebody who knew her.

Charley told the Examiner Live:

I sent her a message on Facebook just to say thank you along with a picture of my son. She replied saying that just knowing I was okay was enough in the way of thanks.

I honestly can’t thank all these people enough. If it weren’t for her, the police officer, and my sister Casey, Hugo would be without a mum to put him to bed and to watch TV with.

There are so many people in this situation who are in abusive or manipulative relationships and need to get out. I realize now that I’m worth 10 times more than he made me feel.

Hopefully Charley continues to get the support that she needs.


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