Angry Mother Drills Daughter From Insane Distant with a Thrown Sandal

You be the judge. This video is blowing up all over the internet today and has left audiences stumped.

Apparently it is an angry mother who throws a sandal that hits her daughter as she is running away from her.

To me it looked like the throw was about 35 or 40 yards.

The flight of the sandal definitely is questionable. It basically looks like it is coming down then basically just keeps going.

If it is real then it is an amazing shot. I am willing to take a bet that it is not real.

As someone with sniper like throws and a rocket arm I think it would be very difficult to throw a sandal at that distance… let alone even get close to my target.

Credit: YouTube/ What in the World

Why would the guy be filming? Why would the girl call from being hit by a sandal? Why would any one even attempt a sandal throw that far? So many questions that just don’t add up.

So that is my opinion. Watch the video and let me know on Facebook what you think!

Credit: YouTube/ What in the World

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