Mom Asks Internet For Help After Telling Daughter She Banged Her Lover

So… When a guy has sex with a girl and his buddy does later they are Eskimo brothers. If a Mom and daughter dip the same stick are they considered Eskimo sisters? IS THIS INCEST?! I have so many questions.

“My daughter loathes me.” Hmmmm, I wonder why!! Why did you even tell her when they are still dating. If this is like most relationships in 2k17 especially since she just lost her v-card it is probably going to fizzle out and THEN you can tell her.

Not right in the heat of things. Right when the cherry is popped. COME ON MOM!

Also, lets take another step back. Why are you even posting this on Facebook to begin with? This is the spot for your closest friends and family. Now they all know your beef. And that you and your daughter are smashing the same dude.

Check out her post:

Some people just have different takes on Motherhood. Like this girl who again, shared her business on Facebook.

I don’t think you are supposed to be hungover after posting this first status:

Congrats. Wait.


The internet can be a scary place:

But thanks to Facebook we can witness true love.


The joys of motherhood.

speaking of Moms.

And again. TRUE LOVE!


Written by Colby

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