Mia Khalifa Is Always Looking Over Her Shoulder And ‘Not Just For ISIS’

Mia Khalifa has had a somewhat bizarre career path, shifting from being one of the most popular ever performers on X-rated website PornHub to co-hosting a daily YouTube sports show.

After skyrocketing in the adult industry, she faced criticism from her childhood home of Lebanon and even received death threats from terrorist group ISIS.

But Mia told BBC Radio 5 Live that it was the day-to-day abuse that was the hardest – not just because of the ISIS threats, but from ‘anyone that comes up’ to her, causing her to constantly look over her shoulder.

The former porn star, 25, sparked controversy for certain scenes which showed her wearing an Islamic hijab while performing sex acts.

Despite being in the business for just three months she became the most searched-for performer.

However, Mia told the radio show that 60 percent of her interactions with people range from ‘rude to terrifying’.

Although she suffers with the negativity, she says that she feels ‘uncomfortable’ talking about the ever-growing #MeToo campaign, a movement against sexual harassment and assault, which has received the backing of various celebrities.

She said: “I guess I do get harassed in person which is why I don’t really go out.

“I’ve grown a very thick skin so I feel uncomfortable speaking on the #MeToo movement because I don’t feel like I’m a part of it.

“Other people do and other people say that for me and I guess it’s subjective, I just try to laugh things off because it could always be much, much worse.”

When asked whether she is always looking over her shoulder, she continued: “More or less yes, especially since people would come up to me and not everybody was polite and asked kindly for a photo.

“My demographic is predominantly male, ages 18-24. You combine that with me going out with my friends to a bar. People are drinking.

“Interactions with people… I would say 60 percent range from rude to terrifying so I’m always looking over my shoulder.

“Not just for ISIS, just for everybody that comes up to me.”

n an interview with disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong, Mia said that she was even considering following in model Chrissy Teigen’s footsteps and pursuing a side-career as a cook and writer.

Mia will probably attract a lot of attention for the foreseeable but it’s impossible to condone the threats and abuse she is expected to endure.


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