Meth Addict Goes Off on Facebook After Claiming It’s No Different Than Weed

According to this girl, nothing really bad can happen when you smoke a little meth! This is the problem with the world, this is posted on the internet someone where and people are so dumb they will probably text Walter White looking for some blue ice.

If you have even a below average IQ you should know on the scale of drugs METH is on a whole different planet when compared to weed.

This girl missed drugs 101.

She took to everyone’s favorite social network to spill all of your drama and dumb ideas! Facebook.

Check out some of this girl’s super sound logic.

What kind of before and after pictures is she talking about? Oh, just these ones I put below. You be the judge on if these are “heavily photo shopped”

Drugs are bad:

Written by Colby

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