McGregor Fan Gets Tattoo Of Floyd Mayweather’s Face On His Body After Losing Bet

You made a bet. Pay the man! At least the dude is being a man of his word. He is an idiot tho. WHY ARE YOU BETTING AGAINST THE 49-0 WORLD CHAMPION BOXER IN A BOXING MATCH!

It could have been worse. I guess there was some dude who put down $250,000 on Connor to win… Not just knock him out in the first (which some people were taking just because of the odds) but go the distance and WIN.

Awful bet.

Grayson Gregory is not exactly a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fan, but he will be linked — and inked — to the fighter for the rest of his life. That’s because the 31-year-old on Monday got a tattoo on his leg of Mayweather’s face to pay off a lost bet.

Gregory, who runs operations for a social media marketing company, bet a co-worker last month that Conor McGregor would beat Mayweather during their boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday. The terms of the bet dictated that the loser had to get a tattoo of the victorious fighter.

Here’s the result for Gregory:

Written by Colby

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