Man Tricks Porch Pirate into Stealing Cat Feces in a Box

One in three. 33%. Three people out of ten. However you choose to look at it, the number of Americans who have had a package stolen off their front porch is staggering.

If you’ve ever had a package stolen out from under you, you know how frustrating it can be!

A whopping 50% of Americans have had discussions that began something like, “So I ordered something off of Amazon last week.

I got a notification that it was delivered to my porch, but when I went out there to check…” Being on either end of the conversation isn’t exactly pleasant.

Holidays are a time of giving — and stealing, apparently. Nearly 26 million Americans had to go through the ringer with shipping companies and online retailers after having a package stolen this past holiday season.

There’s nothing like a little added stress at the busiest time of the year, right?

Most of us have had to deal with porch pirates in one way or another. The YouTuber Alec Armbruster said enough was enough.

Alec Armbruster/YouTube

He decided to take very healthy scoops of cat litter from the box and disguise it as a package on his front porch. The unknowing thief literally stole cat feces. CLASSIC.

Now my fake suspicions were tingling over this one. How bad could porch pirates possibly be in your area that you are able to set this all up. Well apparently it must be pretty bad.

Alec left the case number in the description sections of his YouTube video and you can clearly see the thief’s face in the video which tells me it is actually real.

Alec Armbruster/YouTube

Here’s what he said in the description:

Happy Holidays!
Hey, Fresno area package thieves…
I’ve got a #boxforyou.

Fresno Police Department
Case/Event #18-83185

The video is currently closing in on 750,000 views within 24 hours. This man will definitely be identified if he hasn’t already. It would be amazing if we could have got his live reaction of opening a box fuel of feces.

Alec Armbruster/YouTube

Here is the video below. Alec has already made an update video talking to the police and the police had a sense of humor about it. I hope they catch him.

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