Intoxicated Man Live Streams Crash After Viewers Plead with Him to Pull Over

People do a lot of dumb things. Most of the time it’s a stupid act and just a memory. There are a special breed of people who use certain video platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc to post their stupid acts online or do them life.

This guy decided it would be a brilliant plan to stream his trip home immediately after leaving a bar. It went just how you would imagine someone leaving a bar at 2am. It is unclear what the result of the wreck was but things did not look so good.

The man should definitely not have been driving and the viewers agreed as well. Multiple live comments stated they are calling 911 and also pleaded with the streamer to not be driving. He claimed all was ok when in reality it obviously was not ok.

Thanks to the guy recording himself it will be a simple case for authorities to deal with him. It never ceases the amaze me of the stupidity of some people and the things they decide to record especially when it comes to doing things against the law. This man deserves and will be locked up for a while for this one. I just hope he didn’t hurt anyone in the process.

Please take a lesson from this guy below. Do not drive while intoxicated. You are a risk to yourself and everyone else out there on the road. As you see in the video the audience pleaded for him to stop and this guy could have avoided the whole situation if he would have just listened to others.

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