Man Claims Confederate Flags Aren’t Racist Then Cracks a Racist MLK Joke

This dude is on a whole different level of dumb.

Martin Luther Kong? Come on dude!

This is the same thing as saying, “with all do respect” and then shitting on something and thinking it is okay. This guy said something isn’t racist then cracks some race jokes.

Now he is going viral.

“Russell Walker filed a lawsuit in York SC, demanding confederate flags be returned to the main courtroom”

Don’t worry a reporter from the scene wrote: ” Heading into the hearing now. No phones or cameras on the courtroom. Updates later!”

“Case DISMISSED. No Confederate flags & paintings in the main courtroom and it’ll stay that way.”

“The hearing lasted a little less than 30 mins. The judge heard from both sides and ruled to dismiss.”

Check out this dork below:

Written by Colby

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