Man Attempts “Boiling Water Challenge” During Polar Vortex and Goes Extremely Wrong

The blast of Arctic air that brought record-breaking cold, causing at least a dozen deaths and canceling or delaying thousands of flights in the Midwest.

It spread eastward on Thursday, bringing frigid misery to the Northeast.

A wave of frigid arctic air that paralysed the U.S. Midwest and caused at least a dozen deaths swept across the Northeast on Thursday

Credit: Google Search/Arctic Freeze

but was expected to move along by the weekend, making way for warmer weather.

The prospect of a weekend break offered little comfort to those enduring icy conditions, brutal winds

Credit: Google Search/Arctic Freeze

and temperatures as low as minus 36 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 37 Celsius) in the Midwest and 3F (-16C) on the East Coast, according to the National Weather Service.

In Washington, where the low hit 10F (-12C) and was expected to peak at only 24F (-4C),

Credit: Google Search/Arctic Freeze

a small crowd of tourists braved the cold to take pictures outside the White House.

The bitter cold was due to a southward displacement of the polar vortex, a stratospheric wind pattern that normally swirls over the North Pole.

Credit: Google Search/Arctic Freeze

In Minnesota and Upper Michigan, people battled temperatures as low as minus 25F (minus 31C), said Andrew Orrison, a weather service forecaster.

Central and northern Wisconsin had weather of minus 20F (-29C) and parts of northern Illinois, including parts of the Chicago area,

saw temperatures between minus 15F (minus 26C) and minus 10F (minus 23C), he said.

The cold snap brought bitterly cold weather to the East Coast. The overnight low in Boston was at minus 5F (minus 21C) and Islip,

Credit: Google Search/Arctic Freeze

New York, on Long Island had a record low of minus 3F (-16C), according to the weather service.

Now before we hop into the video it is most likely fake. I myself actually had the idea on my podcast from a couple weeks ago. He definitely did not watch my podcast so he came up with it himself most likely.

Here is the proof:

Here is the video:

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