Male Feminist Gets Roasted After Douche Instgram Post About “Loving Curvy Girls”

Dude says he is the Kanye West of loving bigger girls? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?

He compares himself to Kanye (LORD), but I can’t find one quote where Kanye himself talks about loving Kim’s curves specifically. 

I saw this on Barstool today and had to share it here. THIS DUDE IS REAL!

People all over the internet are butt hurt about it and I just like to watch the world burn.

This guy is a fucking dickhead for a few reasons. First, he thinks he’s some kind of hero for dating a woman with curves. Newsflash bud… you didn’t pull her out of a burning building, rescue her from an animal shelter, or drive her through a waterfall into your cave and inject her with an antidote like Bruce Wayne. If anything, people should be congratulating her for dating you because you’re name is Tripp. Tripp from Miami. Lord help us.

Here is the post that fired up feminist, non-feminists and just people bored on Twitter who wanted to roast someone!


TRIPPPPP. Getting real deep.

Look at the reaction just ONE tweet ripping this guy got… INSANE


This Julia girl continues to roast him before the rest of the internet piles on.

More people on Twitter joined in.

Written by Colby

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