Logan Paul is ‘Going Gay’ for March and Now He’s Getting Destroyed Again

First of I will admit that people are ultra sensitive to pretty much everything Logan Paul says due to his controversial past. This was obviously just a joke to me but when you are as famous as him you can’t tell jokes in bad taste.

YouTuber Logan Paul just announced his New Year’s Eve resolution to ‘go gay’ for a whole month.

‘We’re doing a thing,’ Paul says in his podcast Impaulsive Podcast, uploaded on Wednesday (9 January).

Co-host Mike Majlak then chimes in: ‘We’re vegan right now. Sober and vegan.’

Paul then later reveals: ‘So our New Year’s resolution that Mike was hitting on is we’re vegan now and we’re sober,’ scrunching his face up and looking to the camera as he says it. ‘That’s weird.’

Majlak then says: ‘Just for the month.’

Paul continues: ‘January is sober vegan January and then February is…’

‘Fatal February,’ Majlak finishes. ‘We’re gonna go the opposite. So like, day one – steak, big bottles of Tito’s [vodka] and shit – just whylin’ out.’

Paul jumps in: ‘And then March – take a guess. What is it? Male-only March. So it’s male-only March, we’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month.’

Majlak interrupts: ‘And then swing… go back.’

The whole panel then erupts into laughter.

Paul then tries to quickly change the subject to the line-up for Coachella this year.

Watch the moment, starting at 3:24

The response to the comments have been mixed, with many people wondering whether it’s a joke.

One person wrote on social media: ‘Imagine being so socially unaware that you think it’s ok to “go gay for a month”. I’m talking about you @LoganPaul. There are so many reasons that this is not ok and I hope people realise that and don’t forgive you so quickly again. Trash.’

Another tweeted: ‘being gay isn’t a choice so it is offensive for logan to claim he is “going gay for a month”‘

Then another wrote: ‘If you go gay during March, I will never ever watch you again…’

But die-hard fans of the tone-deaf YouTuber were quick to defend him: ‘are yall fkn kidding me they clearly joking & there is nothing wrong with being gay!’

Another said: ‘everyone is taking this joke so literal, no problem if he is gay’.

While it’s unclear if this is just a joke, Paul tweeted on New Year’s Day confirming his plan to go vegan and sober for January.

He tweeted: ‘annnnnnnnd sober, vegan, abstinent january begins… wish me luck’.

Here is some more of the backlash:

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