Little League Coach Goes Insane On Guy Asking To Replace Broken Windshield His Kids Smashed

WOW! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THIS DUDES KIDS?! They are roid raging just like their coach (or Dad)!

The coach said he could bury him on his 1000’s of acres in front of the kids! What a wild group of people.

YouTube- This happened at the Fairfield Pacific Little League baseball fields in Northern California , I was skateboarding at the park near by & I went to leave & noticed a huge baseball radial crack in my windshield. So after asking around witness’ told me they saw the ball go over the fence and hit my car . I walk over to them and ask how he wants to go about paying for my windshield he immediately got upset with me and accused me of being a moron for parking there ( in the parking lot..) I explain how its the same difference if you are golfing and you hit a car on a road just because you’re golfing doesn’t shift the blame onto the driver. So he gets pissed and his kids get pissed as the dad goes back to the car i hear him say something along the lines of ” if he gets too close to me beat him ” and she goes and grabs a bat from the trunk ( about the time the video starts )

He blurred the video so he didn’t film the minors but the audio paints a pretty clear picture.

First off its blurred because I don’t think I have the legal grounds to post videos of these kids even if they were actively committing a crime ..

You will hear his children threaten me with baseeball bats and make it out in the video even though its blurred, you will also hear the father say he belongs to a gun club and Im messing with the wrong guy or something to that effect and then at the end of the video you’ll hear him go into more fine detail about how he would murder me and how NO ONE would ever find me.

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Written by Colby

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