Kid Goes Insane On Teacher After Not Rounding Grade From 43% To A 70%

How did no one in the class witnessing this meltdown NOT punch this dude in the face?! Even if this was the deciding grade for the school year you can’t go full roid rage on your teacher. YOU SUCKED ON THE SCHOOL WORK! Not him.

Someone needs to get this kid a Snickers. Because when he is hungry he really rages like a true douche bag. If there was ever a teacher that would have been justified for punching a kid in the face, this is the one. Throughout the whole video I was waiting for something but he kept his cool. The DR. degree he got to teach pricks like this had to make him wonder if it was all worth it.

The video was blowing up on Twitter and that always leads to one thing. The dude get exposed. Now all of Twitter is calling the school standing up for the teacher and trying to get the student kicked out.

He is also a white dude dropping a bunch of N bombs on his Asain teacher. People hate that.

He hid his tweets for a little. Then just deleted his entire account. A lot of people were DM’ing him asking to meet up for a beat down.

Check out the video below if you want to hate someone today:

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