John Cena Nearly Breaks Neck After Inexperienced Wrestler Drops Him on His Head


This guy he is wrestling is clearly Inexperienced. Probably just some jobber they got out of the indies to wrestle Cena.

I am just trolling people right now, I know who Nakamura is but some people won’t get this far into the post. They are already pissed as all hell right now in the comments on FB…

LadBible: Cena was temporarily on top but Nakamura got his chance near the end of the fight. He went for the suplex – a move that sees one opponent lift the other and slamming them on their back.

But it appears that Nakamura let go too early, leaving Cena hitting the floor with his neck taking the brunt of the impact.

The pain was instant to see with the veteran unable to focus on anything else, holding the side of his head.

Nakamura won the contest, with Cena holding his arm aloft at the end. However, images at the end of the fight show the Japanese wrestler apologizing to the American.

Cena, being as humble as ever, showed no anger and told Nakamura: “Don’t be sorry.”

However, it left many onlookers shocked at what they saw.

“This will haunt my dreams,” one wrote. While another added: “I’ve never been concerned for Cena until then.”

A third said: “Legit stunned Cena isn’t paralysed right now.”

There seem to be no hard feelings:

Written by Colby

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