Japanese Robots Apparently Have Slayed 29 Scientists After Creating Their Own Weapons

Well the world may be doomed. In a video posted to YouTube a fellow scientist outlines the robot AI attack on the people who created the machines. 

This is something straight out of terminator. Robots smart enough to manipulate themselves to go after humans.

What this story does have in common with Terminator is its definitely a fake. It makes it seem real from the way its presented but my suspicions are its completely made up.

According to Snopes:

In December 2018, social media users began circulating a short and blurry video clip showing a woman relaying a story about 29 scientists who were reportedly k*lled by artificial intelligence-controlled robots in Japan.

One iteration of this footage, which asserted that the AI robot m*ssacre had occurred in South Korea, not Japan.

Credit: Movies iRobot/Independence Day

This clip was taken from an hour-long presentation delivered by conspiracy theorist and UFOlogist Linda Moulton Howe at the Conscious of Life Expo in Los Angeles in February 2018.

Howe’s presentation was largely about the dangers of artificial intelligence, but it was also entwined with stories about alien encounters, abductions, and alternate dimensions.

Howe kicked off her speech with a story about four AI robots k*lling 29 scientists in Japan that she reportedly heard about from a former Marine who had been doing contract work for government agencies such as the CIA, the NSA, and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).

Howe’s story was suspiciously void of specifics. She didn’t identify the source of her information, the name of the factory where the alleged m*ssacre occurred, or the names of any of the scientists who were reportedly k*lled.


And while Howe claimed that reports of this robot uprising were suppressed by the government, one would expect some coverage about the de*ths or disappearances of dozens of Japan’s top scientists to have hit the news, even if the robot aspect of the story was obscured.

Yet we found no such reports.

It was also odd that this tale served as little more than a footnote in Howe’s overall presentation.

In fact, this outlandish story seemed to function more as an attention-grabbing anecdote and less as a retelling of a genuine incident.

After opening with this alleged robot m*ssacre report, Howe transitioned to the dangers of artificial intelligence, spent most of her time focused on alien encounters, and then concluded by saying that humans may actually be the artificially intelligent creations of an alien race:

“Is it fair to ponder that those first humans were artificial intelligence for those who made us from manipulating genetics like robotic lab scientists are now doing on earth today? … Are we humans actually someone else’s androids?”

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