ISIS Sniper Shoots Iraqi Soldier In The Dome Who Miraculously Shrugs It Off

Who is this dude still walking after this?!

An ISIS propaganda video gives a shocking example of just how tough the human skull can be even against rifle bullets.

According to BearingArms: The undated propaganda footage shows a ISIS sniper (above) taking aim with a 7.62x54R sniper rifle (either a SVD or the similar Iraqi Al-Kadesih).

I am no expert when it comes to snipers but from the video games I played, headshots = kills! Here is what else BearingArms said about the shot:

This is a good example of reason that good firearms trainers tell people to focus on the ocular cavity formed by the outside of the eyes and bottom of the nose if they must fire a headshot.

If a 7.62x54R round—roughly analogous with the .30-’06—cannot reliably stop a human with a shot to the head outside of the ocular triangle, odds are that our much lower-powered handgun cartridges moving more than a thousand feet-per-second slower are even more likely to ricochet or deviate off of hard, curved bone.

Check out the video below:

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