Internet Meme “Wide Neck” Teams up With “Long Neck” For All Necks Matter Campaign

The meeting everyone on the internet was waiting for.

His IG (not to be confused with the numerous fake ones out there) damnwideneck already has 258,000 followers. Just like that his rise to the top is going!

He has teamed up with another IG superstar SuprmePatty. His profile reads: CEO of Wide Neck Gang

Managed by @millz/@supremepatty/@deantooleofficial

Source: @damnwideneck IG

According to BroBible: A mere two weeks ago, Charles Dion McDowell had his life changed forever when he was arrested on several drug charges. While it would generally be a negative getting arrested, his mugshot was a blessing in disguise despite getting viciously roasted by the entire internet. McDowell, who has a huge neck has made his curse into a gift. McDowell has blown up bigger than his neck and is now an internet phenomenon after the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted his mugshot on Facebook.

Now long neck has been in the game for a little longer. I started seeing his memes earlier this year and let me tell you something, they aren’t the most normal.

@DamnLongNeck IG

Today they got together for a good cause. All necks matter:

Was Gunna fu*k @damnlongneck up, but All Necks Matter


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