Internet Gangs Up on Guy for Calling Girl “Disgusting” Until He Reveals What Really Happened

Anyone can say whatever they want on the internet. With all different varieties of social media platforms and the millions of posts made every single day there is no way to actually fact check.

For this particular story which happened back in 2017 but is resurfacing now a girl brags to the internet about losing 200 pounds. If this was the actual case it would be very impressive.

She attached a picture to the tweet that said “After being called disgusting last night, I successfully dropped 200lbs!! (Before and After Pics). The pic shows her with a guy in the before then the guy cropped out in the after.

So she is basically saying this man called her disgusting so she dropped him out of her life.

This tweet went absolutely viral. This woman was praised for being strong and now independent while the man got dragged through the internet mud for calling a woman disgusting.


After this man was destroyed on the internet he decided to come to his own defense with this tweet. The majority of the people on the internet ran with the idea that this guy blatantly just look his girl in the eye and called her “digusting”.

To me it sounded very far fetched and there had to be more to the story.


In the tweet defending himself he also attached a text conversation of more proof of what really happened.


What sucks about all this is the actual story did not go hardcore viral like her tweet. I know people probably aren’t sitting there to this day saying “wow, remember that jerk that called that girl disgusting” but the story is still out there.

This guy had no real way of truly defending himself because most people only saw the original tweet and did not follow up if it was actually real.

That’s the internet for you though. I don’t even know if any of this is actually real. I just saw a funny article and rolled with it. I’m not even a journalist. I’m a guy who used to make funny videos on the internet.

All of this didn’t stop of people from copying the concept and blasting their own ex-boyfriends on the internet. So here are some girls who did the same thing.


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