Guys Confront Child Predator Who Was Trying To Meet 14-Year-Old At Mall

Creep hunters are back and tracking down more scumbags trying to get wiht underage kids. I wish there was a group of these hunters in each state. All working together to catch as many child predators as possible.

Once one video goes up, another ten are out there looking to do the same. Since you know, the number of creeps is sky rocketing.

The comments on this video say it all: ” I hate when they act like they don’t know what they did wrong unbelievable”

He’s 24 meeting with a 14 year old. What kind of person does that ? What do they possibly have in common???

I mean she’s in junior high probably and he’s done university or whatever !! WTF ! fking child molester!! And he acts like he’s innocent nothing wrong with me. Jeez!!!

Calvin came to WEM to meet a 14-year-old. Logs have been posted. Here’s the video.

Written by Colby

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