Guy Shows How to Properly Kill a Rattlesnake Without Cutting Head Off

I have a slight suspicion we are going to have arguments on both sides of the spectrum for this video. One side will say “holy shit that dudes a savage for grabbing it and whipping that thing” and the other side will say “why did he just find and kill an animal minding its own business”. Well I am not going to sit here and say what is right or wrong. I have been in a situation where a rattlesnake was in our camp full of kids and we had to dispose of the snake for the safety of the children. So I have no room to talk on whether this is right or not.

Another thing about this video that kind of makes the “how to properly kill a rattlesnake” really not as simple is it seems is with his method you actually have pick the snake up. That is where you are going to get a big hell no from the average person who comes across a deadly snake. I am not touching that thing to save my life. When we killed the rattlesnake in our camp I used the awning poll from our trailer, which is about 8 feet long, to swing it at the snake that was much smaller than this snake. I sure as hell am not whipping a snake like a wet towel. Enjoy the video.


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