Guy Shows How He Snuck Backstage At The McGregor vs Mayweather Press Conference

It takes some really big balls and some luck to get backstage at an event like this.

The dude used some photoshop and creeping to make his way all the way to the back of the event.

I lover his voiceover: “All of the countless hours I have put in. Copying. Pasting…Cutting out little pieces of paper.”

A security guard wrote on Reddit: “There’s an undetermined point in almost every building’s security (and it changes from place to place), that if you pass it, no one questions you. They assume that, because you are there, you are SUPPOSED to be there. Getting past that point is hard, but once you’re there, you’re golden.”

The guy wrote: “Yes yes, back with a bang. This one was a lot of fun.”

Check out the full video below:

Written by Colby

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