Guy Saves $100,000 By Sneaking His Way Ringside During Mayweather vs McGregor

Another dude with huge balls just scored himself front row tickets to a massive fight. Best way to save $100,000 is to just sneak your way into the mega fight.

These videos are always 50/50 real or fake with me. On one hand, I love it even if it is fake. It was entertaining. On the other, I think about all of the people he is burning down if this is real.

These people should be fired if they are letting just some Joe all the way to ringside.

FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO THINKS LIKE ME GOT THEIR COMMENT TO THE TOP OF ONE OF THESE VIDEOS! “Isn’t he basically filming himself committing a crime? Like fraud or something or identity theft?”

YES! People keep doing this. Yes, it is awesome. Yes, you have to film it now for anyone to believe you did it. But you have no way of getting away with it if you do get caught. YOU POSTED THE DAMN VIDEO TO THE INTERNET!

If this video were real, this guy just cost the jobs of a half-dozen people that he caught on camera letting him through security checkpoints.

Check out the video below and don’t try this at home:

Written by Colby

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