Guy Puts Child Predator on Blast at Carnival on Facebook Live

The police are currently investigating a sitation involing this child predator who was looking to meet up with a young girl at a carnival. The guy filming also took a punch in the face. The chat transcribes showed the dude in the pics and the cops have received all of that evidence.

The creep had one of the worst excuses of all time on why he was meeting the girl. “for my friend dude!” Yeahhhhhh, okay buddy.

The guy who catches these creeps out in Canada wrote: Here we go!! Please like and share this!! At the lloyd exhibition in Saskatchewan!! Let him be known!! Kids everywhere and he hit me in the face!!

These guys used to post the chatlogs that went along with the video but had to stop posting them after Facebook deleted multiple pages.
“I have it all saved but we are unable to post the chat logs as that’s what keeps getting us banned”

The guy posted another update along with the video I have added below:

Please make sure you keep sharing this!! He needs to be known!! This guy was a king pin drug trafficker in fort mac, he even sold fentanyl!! Got a 10 and a half year sentence!! Now he’s out trying to lure a child!! Don’t let him go silent!! Let’s get him off the streets and known!! I’ll be working hard with the police all the way to try and have this guy sent away for very long!!

UPDATE 2!! Turns out after people started to recognize this guy after the 70,000 views he was also investigated for Murder back in 05! WHAT THE HELL!

Check out the video below.

Written by Colby

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