Guy Nearly Fired For Wearing Shorts In Hot Weather Shows Up Next Day In Dress

The world is melting down right now. AZ is supposed to hit 119 this weekend. Vegas is going to be 117. WTF! I guess the heat wave is melting down the UK as well.

One call center worker decided it was time to ditch his pants and show off them legs before he overheated at work.

This guy named Joey is blowing up on Twitter for really pushing the gender equality limits at his workplace. Just kidding, he just wanted to wear some damn shorts.

You know what. Joey wants to wear some shorts! So fuck it. Try wearing some shorts, Joey.

This is also why no one should ever take my advice. It would have backfired for me just like it did for my guy Joey here. Joey got sent home.

NOPE! Sent home from work. FOR SHORTS!

Joey came up with a quick solution to the problem:  “ I realized that there might be a little loop-hole for me. If my female co-workers can put on dresses and skirts, then why couldn’t I?” 

Equal rights!

No way he is getting sent home again right!

Wrong. He got sent home again. But there is a catch.

WINNING! Kinda..

Joey is getting so popular people are already making fake profiles of him! That is when you know you made it.

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