Guy Leaves a $0 Tip Then Shames Waitress on Facebook on Why It Happened

This is where we are at as a society. We have all seen the Facebook posts of a waitress shaming some random customer about how they gave a week tip.

Then the comment section is full of people saying you shouldn’t be obligated to tip and others who have been servers before saying you should have to tip blah blah blah.

This guy took a didn’t approach. He flaunted his receipt that shows he tipped nothing.

He then proceeded to explain exactly why he didn’t tip with great detail and what you should expect to get tipped.

He was not happy with the service from Cheddars and then decided to let the whole Facebook world know.

You do your job correctly and boom tip. You do your job incorrectly and boom no tip or reduced tip.

Facebook/Cody Graham

He posted the picture of the receipt and a long winded rant that said:

So Anna and I go to cheddars today and order food, sit for almost a hour and a half waiting for our food, get no refills and watch as people come in and sit around us and get food, eat,

and leave all while we sit there waiting and watching the waitress tend to all the people around us like they were her best friends and then walk right past us and doesn’t say a word.

Finally we get our food and my suppose to be rare steak is cooked in to boot leather and cold.

We eat out at least once a weekend, I can afford it, I can afford to tip more than 20%, I am not an as*hole unless I need to be.

So to you servers that are always on Facebook acting like you are saving lives and part of an Apollo mission as a server

and act as if everyone should tip you 50% of the bill every time you serve them just because you chose to work as a waitress and get sh*t pay, I am not obligated to GIVE you a dime.

You EARN that tip and if you’re a sh*t server you get a sh*t tip. I do not feel bad, I do not tip because you are “suppose to”

or because their is a convenient little tip recommendation on the receipt or because I know you probably only make like $1.50 an hour and I feel bad, trust me, I do not care.

It’s not hard to put in a food order, keep drinks refilled and bring me my food in a timely fashion. Moral of this story some of y’all servers need to realize that that tip is an EARNED INCOME.

Facebook/Cody Graham

You have a good work ethic and do your job to the best of your ability like you’re suppose to, you get paid good and you deserve it, you don’t and you don’t get paid.

Simple as that, straighten up and take pride in your job no matter what it is 👍🏼#tiredofseeingit

We see posts all the time of servers putting customers on blast all the time.

This guy took it into his own hands to reverse shame a waitress but just like when a worker puts someone on blast we still don’t know the full story of what is actually going on.

Does this solve any server customer relations? No probably not. I think the majority of people know the unwritten rules of tipping.

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Credit: Atlas Empires

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