Guy Gives Nightmares to Little Kids by Destroying 100’s of Fidget Spinners

I really want a big shredder after seeing this video. These fidget spinners got F*CKED UP!

There is just something so satisfying about things getting crushed and shredded. Kids in Africa could’ve eaten those fidget spinners

Pople in the comment section are pissed! “Kids in Africa could’ve eaten those fidget spinners” 

Just kidding. After watching this one video I found myself on this dudes channel in a worm hole. It seems like these shredders can rip up just about anything.

This is going to be the next hydraulic press channel that blows up. I can feel it.

Look how big this thing is.

Now that I think about it is probably better I don’t have one. I would be the dude out there after a few titos trying to shred everything in my garage.

Written by Colby

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