Guy Gets Roasted After Girlfriend Posts Selfies Of Him Crying “Over Her Beauty”

Sometimes people show their love on the internet. Only to get blown up by a bunch of “haters”. This is one of those times. Back when I was in school, this would be a normal thing to do if you wanted to get some ass. But now with screenshots, you are setting yourself up to go viral and get roasted.

She tweeted: my bf really started crying over my selfies I love him.

Originally, people started calling him out for being her BF like a best friend. All the top comments were, FRIENDZONE! DUDE IS DEEP IN THE FRIEND ZONE! And there is no escaping the friendzone.

To which the girl wrote:

“I don’t understand why you feel the need to say negative things to people you don’t know, not to mention the fact that they are FALSE too”

“”BF” stands for Boyfriend. But my man is my bestfriend too, he’s the loml, my everything and I’m beyond thankful for this love we have.”

My bf be looking good as hell 24/7 I don’t even need to be with him to know he’s looking bomb

For all of the people Hating on this girl and her boyfriend there are sappy love fans showing her praise. “everyone with something negative to say is a fucking hater, y’all are cute as hell and happy in love, so screw those lonely pricks”


The boyfriend spoke his side of the story:

Written by Colby

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