Guy Gets Put On Blast By Girlfriends Mom After Leaving Her A Nasty Surprise In The Toilet

Not the toilet bowl. THE UPPER DECKER!!! Good luck cleaning that thing out. I would just get rid of the whole thing… GROSS

I am sensing a little bit of bad blood between the daughter’s BF and mother here. I have had small back and forths with parents where you might be home too late or get caught trying to finger blast while watching Austin Powers but nothing to the point where I am dropping a messy #2 in the top tank!

Part 2. I hate the feeling of popping not on a toilet¬†seat. I’ll admit it. I am soft. I don’t like the pooping in the woods when nature calls. I can’t squat with the fear that I might get some blow out on me.

That didn’t stop this guy. He climbed right up there and let it rip!

Just so you know, the Mom “doesn’t normally vent on social media” which is code for the person who is always going to air their shit online.

Classic Facebook:

People will expose anything on the internet. Like this girl who posted a girls secret side of her life. The side I am thinking she didn’t really want on Facebook:

Nothing beats a good FB Cringe:

Written by Colby

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