Guy Exposes Wife On Facebook Live After Catching Her In Bed With Another Dude

You do something stupid these days, you better believe it is ending up on Facebook. People will literally stream anything. Coming home and catching your girl with another dude = viral material! Start recording!

This dude was oddly relaxed throughout this entire thing. He wasn’t blaming the dude who was banging his girl, he just blasted her. Over and over and over .

You know the mutual friends were loving that on Facebook.

Ernest wrote: “Keep your cool when you catch your bitch cheating”

The best part is when he asks the side dude if he would help him move his shit out. Talk about an awkward situation. Again, lucky for us we get to view it all on the web and not have to deal with it!

Good for the dude though, because it looks like this girl was not a winner!

Check out the video below:

Written by Colby

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