Grandma’s Simple Hack For Keeping Warm Air Inside During The Winter Goes Viral [Video]

Whether or not you like the cold season, I think it’s safe to assume that everyone loves a warm and cozy home. If you’re spending too much money on your heating bills and are looking for a simple way to keep warm this winter, a grandma from Alaska has an insulation hack that may make the next few months more bearable.

And let’s be honest, who knows more about winter survival tactics better than Alaskans? YouTube user AlaskaGranny shares tips and tricks on outdoor living, but it’s her insulation hack that’s getting a lot of buzz on the video-sharing platform.

If you have a window that lets cold air inside, she recommends her followers to cover the window with bubble wrap.

“This is a technique that is simple to do and helps keep the inside of your home warm and cozy. The bubble wrap will stay for a long time, is easily removed, and won’t harm the window,” she wrote in her video’s description.

All you need to do is cut the bubble wrap to fit your window, spray the bubble side and the window with water, and press it against the glass. Add slight pressure so that the bubble wrap sticks.

Make sure you stick the bubble side against the window for the best insulation!

“It pulls right off in spring,” she added.

Social media users are loving this trick, calling it an “excellent money saving idea.”
“Bubble-wrapped my front storm door, mudroom windows and storm door, intending to do more around the house.

I felt an immediate difference!” someone wrote on YouTube.

“I’ve done this recently to some windows in my house. Where my dining room french doors are located, this area has always been cold in the winter months. I just did this for eight panes on the doors, and wow, what an improvement! I’ve read that if the glass is 1-R then the bubble wrap changes the R-value to 2-R. I’ve done this to several areas of the house, and the house is a lot warmer now!” another commented.

Not only is it this hack great to keep warm air inside, the bubble wrap will also add more privacy to your home.

Watch the full video of AlaskaGranny explaining how she puts bubble wrap on her front door window:

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