Girl Travels Over 1000 Miles Only To Learn She Had Been Catfished For Years

“How can someone who brags about having all of this money live in some dump like this?” Well, the dude isn’t real!

These dudes can’t even afford sheets for their nasty as beds!

The background for this story is short and brutal. A 3-year relationship was going on and the girl in the video smelled something fishy. Sadly, it took 3 years and a plane ticket to put the whole thing to rest.

She showed up at the guy’s house and of course, it was not what she expected.

How in 2017 can someone still catfish you for 3 years?! There is FaceTime, there is skype… Come on people!

This dude is trying to play it off like he has no idea what is going on… But you don’t make this face if you aren’t in on something shady like this.

The girl takes matters into her own hands by the end of the video. I really hope there is a part 2.

Check out the full video below:

Written by Colby

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