Girl May Have Gotten Too Honest On Her Tinder Profile

The wild world of Tinder strikes again. Sometimes it is people getting way to crazy on their profiles with pictures. Other times people just get right to the point about what they are on Tinder for… Sex.

Today we have a girl who is 100% honest to the point that some might say she went too far! I know here I am being a hypocrite.

For months we have been saying things like GIRLS NEED TO BE MORE HONEST! While other people have said shit like: “Starting with full disclosure is a step in the right direction.” These girls have too many secrets. And look at me now… Saying that this girl went too far on telling the truth.

Read her profile below and tell me if it is TMI.

Sometime Tinder is just too easy for people. Like this guy. He matched with a girl who was 26 with a 10-year-old son:

This dude took his shot!



Sometimes just getting right to the point is all you need.

I use to always use the line. “Girl you wanna go half on it?” They would say “Half on what” to which I would say “half on my baby”. This is the 2017 version of that.

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