Girl Instantly Regrets Accepting “Challenge” to Catch Cottonmouth Snake on Snapchat

Today we have a new entry for the Darwin award. This nominee tried wrestling down a snake for Snapchat.

You know you have stumbled on a good post when the top comment on Facebook is “People’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me.” 

I am no snake expert but a thread in the comments led me to learn that the snake that got this girl was a cottonmouth snake. These people broke down the area this happened and compared snake family I love it.

Cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivourus, Venomous but rarely fatal, just a lot of pain and a good chance of a 6 figure hospital bill. Cro-fab isn’t cheap

Learn the scientific names so you can tell the ER exactly what you were bitten by rather than naming a family with numerous subspecies.

The snake doesn’t look that huge and it just goes to show, you just shouldn’t mess with Snakes for Snapchat.

Snake lovers were not very nice to the idiot who played with it.

Why on earth were they harrassing that snake? they got what they deserved! thing was like Let go of my tail!

Mocassin, I own a few, they are not a “touch me” snake and wild ones can be a bit defensive when approached or harassed I. Any way.

Crazy idiot…lmfaooo dont mess with a cottonmouth!

I’m on the cottonmouths side.

People noticed that there wasn’t anything different about the arm, but that didn’t last long. “I’m not seeing swelling, is it just me?” 

That little swelling is indicative of a nearly dry bite. What an asshat kid!

Here is the arm a few mins later:

If you think that is painful, wait till you get the bill. I’m guessing 250k with insurance.

You really should NOT pick up snakes unless you can ID them first. That is a cottonmouth. What kind of person runs after a snake then tries to pick it up not knowing it is venomous?? That poor snake was going the opposite direction. It wasn’t chasing you, it was running away from you

Here is the video from Snapchat if the snake bite:

Written by Colby

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