Girl Goes Insane On Ex Boyfriend After Reaching Out To Him After Near Death Experience

My heart goes out to this guy… Looks like he had to deal with some real dysfunction BS when he was with this girl. For real! Who knew someone could be so brutal when 1. you almost just died and 2. were just standing your ground.

I don’t think we would even need a bipolar test on this chick. You can tell in just 10 texts she is off her rocker!

I am not alone in my assessment of this chick check out just some of the top comments who also witnessed this nonsense:

Everyone always saying men are assholes but nah i know females can be 10x worse in relationships. Females can be the devil man

How you going to act like this to someone. dude almost died and you coming in hot asking for money and when homie say no you going to go full cunt on him like that. cmon boo boo that it how it works. 


Check out the post below:

RIGHT after they just asked for 400 dollars out of nowhere…

He blocked her number but she still came back with a new phone!

Written by Colby

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