Girl Exposes Man Who Offered to Trade Clothes in Return for Weird Fetish Videos on Snapchat

I have seen my fair share of weird messages before. As someone who combs the internet daily I have actually become pretty comfortable with seeing weird and creepy messages.

I have even sent my fair share of creepy messages especially when I have that liquid courage built up. We have all been there and you are lying if you say you haven’t.

This guy is on another level though. According to Natal Abusaada on Twitter she was hit with this message on Snapchat. She gave no lead up to the conversation or who the man even was. We have no clue what was said before this screen shot or after the screen shot.

Here is the post:


The tweet has gone full blown viral with 135 thousand likes and 20 thousand retweets.

Due to the fact that there is no content on how she even knows the guy we are going to dig a little bit.

In response to the viral tweet people started to ask some questions. She said to one of people who responded “yeah it was super sweet until the end then it gets real weirddd “.

Now as a male and a someone who is married I asked my wife if there was anything super sweet about the initial messages. A random guy saying “you’re super hottt” is not really the most romantic or sweet thing out there.

Especially if it was a random dude on Snapchat. That is full blown creep mode.

I do not think it was right for this dude to barge in and ask for something super weird but something to this whole thing is just off to me.

In some of the follow of tweets that have since been deleted the original poster was asking for Venmo donations.

This is especially weird because why would someone want donations on a random tweet that went viral and why would anyone donate to a random tweet that went viral.

There are certain people in the world that I like to call creep attractors. These are people that attract creeps but are way too oblivious to see that they attract creeps. I am sure she gave her snap to some random dude out there and he 100% looked like a creep prior to giving it out. She just played the nice card and it eventually led to this situation.

Here are some funny responses to the original tweet.

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