Girl Dumps Cheating Boyfriend in Savage Fashion at His Own Birthday Party

This hands down is the most savage move of 2018! This girls boyfriend had been sending other girls shady messages. He had been sending these messages the night before his birthday party mixed with a friends Christmas. The girl makes it look like she is giving a huge toast when really she is just outing him in front of all their close friends. 

Apparently there was only one person at the party who did not know what was going on and that was the boyfriends best friend. The girlfriend had her brother bring down the bag of the boyfriend and he was immediately ejected from the party.


As she was kicking him out she told the best friend he could stay and it looks as if he decided to keep enjoying the party. This my friends has got to be the savage move of 2018. We would like to thank Tiana from the bottom of our hearts for such a moment we could all enjoy.

Tiana’s video is nearing 5 million views and she is taking this moment to capitalize on her single life and posting pictures of her new journey. She is calling her new adventure freaky deaky.


Lets take two seconds and think from the boyfriends perspective. What do you even say? You are in front of too many people to even attempt to put an argument together and defend yourself. His best option now it to leave the country and never look back because he will never be able to recover from that savageness.

Now this man has to sit back and watch Sound Cloud rappers attempt to pick up his girl. She is getting littered with tweets asking her out on dates and Z-list celebs attempting their best pickup lines.


Take 2 minutes and enjoy this video below. It is the most classic break up you will ever witness. Once again… thanks Tiana for being amazing. CALL ME.

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