Girl Catches Dad With Underage Girl After Baiting Him To Cheat On Mom

Daddy took that bait alright. People are still getting baited and still getting put on blast!

This is the daughter’s reaction to her father caught cheating. The YouTube Channel Wrote:

Here’s some backstory to this… Sofia hit us up on Facebook, wanting to setup her Step Father, to see if he’d cheat on her mother or not. They’ve been together for 10 years, and married 2. She said she’s always had her suspicions about him because he would be a heavy flirt with her since they’ve met. She tried to brush it off as him being friendly, but always felt strange about it, especially once when he walked in to her room without knocking and caught her in her underwear. Check out this episode to see whether he will cheat or not!

Check out the full video below: (as always when we post these videos from this YouTube channel… They do this day stand by that all of these are real. No one has tracked down an actor or actress from any of the clips so you be the judge)

In the video, which features an anonymous 17-year-old girl who’s been placed to trap Sofia’s step-dad, he actually says he’s single.

They speak for a while before the step-dad asked the girl if she is doing anything that evening. The pair exchange numbers and agree to meet later on and she walks off, leaving him her staring at her.

Sofia said: “That is divorceable. If it wasn’t for the show he would fuck her.”

That video is a little shorter than the normal ones these guys make so I included another new one this time its a “Fat dude cheating on his girl and his diet”

Written by Colby

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