Girl Attempts to Prove to Internet That White Girls Are “Thick”

A girl named Lindsay Capuano is on a mission. She wants the internet to know that white girls can be thick! Of course, the only way to prove it to the internet is with evidence. A bunch of evidence for us to research.

When I was in Vegas one of my buddies out there said he was about to leave where we were at because he was going out with a “Baddie”. I asked him wtf that was and he said when you see a pic of her you will know… I know, awful definition.

This is what UbranDictonary says the definition is: Baddie: a baddie is a bad girl. She usually is thick and has “FLEEK” makeup. Posts booty pics and can be defined as a “freak”. Girls who are “bad” are extremely attractive to guys.

So yes, I think we have a solid definition going for this girl.

I feel bad for all the dudes that tries to message her and think they gettin one back.

Who else is having a boring Friday? It’s Netflix & Pizza all night for me

Her comment section is creepy as hell.

This is the pic she posted on Facebook to start the movement:

She uploaded this video to respond to that pic.

Looks like she is actually starting a trend!

Written by Colby

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