Ghetto Chick Gets Into Trashy FaceTime Fight With Cash Me Outside Girl

Who would have thought? These two girls got together and something trashy happened…

Why are these girls famous? Don’t even ask me anymore. It seems like the more crazy and dumb you are mixed in with the fact that you don’t care what people think about you = the viral success of these two.

On one hand, Cash Me Outside said a few words on Dr. Phil and now she has more followers than people who have been building up “businesses” their entire lives.

Now with Woah Vicky, you have a girl who is like Cash Me Outside, just turned up to a different level.

Like I said, who would have thought some wild shit would happen when these two get together.

It started when Cash made a “hit” video about Vicky.

Some of that is in the video below:

They like to use these videos where most of it is covered by text and always shot verticle.


Then Woah Vickey called Cash back out


Which leads to the Facetime know one wanted to happen but now we all want to see the train wreck.

Written by Colby

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