Gang Members React to Themselves Photoshopped Without Tattoos

These are some crazy photoshop skills! There is not a flaw that I see. Shows how easy it can be for someone to fake some shit on the internet. At least this was for a good cause.

Photographer Steven Burton took photos of ex-gang members covered in tattoos.

This is what happens when gang members see themselves without tattoos for the first time.

Utilizing before and, thanks to the advantages of Photoshop, after photographs, these men and women got a chance to see what they’d look like without the inked visual armor. After the bare images were presented to each, they were asked to talk about themselves and their families, what tattoos represent to them, and their aspirations for the future.

Seeing themselves without tattoos–many for the first time in decades–naturally brought about a wide range of emotions, recollections, hopes, and dreams, with responses such as: “I am shocked. I don’t know what to say about this. I am going to give this to my mom, she is going to be so happy.” “I think this guy in the pictures would judge the one with tattoos right off the top.” “That’s crazy, that looks real crazy. Those came out cool man! I think I like it better without the tattoos.”

Check out the video below:

Written by Colby

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