Gamer Uses Call of Duty to Get Dirty Pics from Girl Who Thinks “Military Guys are 100x Hotter”

This dude might go down in history as the biggest savage and biggest creep of all time. I wouldn’t care if I was him. He did NOT lie to this girl at all! It just so happened that she had no idea ‘Call Of Duty’ wasn’t the actual military.

I saw one of these pictures on Twitter with a link to Reddit where the guy seemed genuinely sad that he might have ruined his chances with this girl. He wrote” Things with this girl had been back and forth but she had a boyfriend, whom I also knew, at the time. They broke up after he cheated on her again. I played the friend roll for awhile but i could tell she liked me. She was always flirting on text. She liked all of my Instagram pictures when I posted them. So after the breakup I was there for her. We talked for days and then finally I got her to send me some pictures. I feel like she thinks I lied to her and now has not messaged me in days. I think I might have really blew my chance with her because of what I told her. I decided to share this on Reddit since I obviously did something wrong. Should I try calling her again?”

Quick answer: HELL NO!

You don’t call her. SHE IS GONE BRO! Think about it from the other side. If you were sending pictures to some girl who told you she was a model and then she broke you the news that she is just an Instagram model who pushed fit tea and you got your dick pic out there YOU WOULD BE PISSED!

Watch this guy line it up. Take his shot. And make it! Only to have it all blow right back up in his face.

Sidenote: This dude is a fuckboiiii! Classic pic usage.

Second side note: I hate people who do 3 emojis in a row. Why? This happens all the time. I get what you mean in 1! I don’t need 3 of these faces drolling.

Warming up…



SHIT… Annnnnnd SHE GONE.

Might as well just block her bro and save yourself some time. Go out a legend. You didn’t lie. You are a great COD player.

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Written by Colby

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