Florida Man Avoids Jail Time Because He’s ‘Too Large’

George Jolicoeur, a 600-pound Florida man, was arrested after scamming several major restaurants. 

He was offered a plea deal when prosecutors discovered that it was too expensive to incarcerate him.

Jolicoeur began scamming restaurants in 2007; ordering food and then complaining about the quality.

Jolicoeur refused to pay after eating, citing the ‘poor quality’ of the food.

Apparently, the obese thief once ordered six milkshakes before claiming a hair was in the last shake, refusing to pay.

Photo Source/Credit: Google and Third party image reference.

Jolicoeur was arrested after he devoured $50 worth of beef jerky from a 7-Eleven, and then claimed that some of the sticks were moldy. He refused to pay for the jerky.

“The beef jerky got me,” the man said as police arrested him.

Shortly after Jolicoeur was charged for his crimes, he became ill and bedridden.

The thief now resides in a nursing facility, relying on a respirator to breathe.

Prosecutors discovered that the state would have to pay for Jolicoeur’s medical care if he was incarcerated so they decided to offer a plea deal.

And to say being large is unhealthy?! This man literally avoided the dangers of prison because of his size. KEEP EATIN BRO.


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