Fiji Water Woman Is Suing Fiji Water

You may have noticed a lady carrying a tray of Fiji Water on the red carpet, and surreptitiously photobombing Hollywood’s nice and allegedly smart, at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards.

Her name is Kelleth Cuthbert – otherwise well-known on-line because the ‘Fiji Water Girl’ – and she or he became an nightlong viral meme once individuals noticed her not-so-subtle presence; all a part of the propaganda machine, darling…

But currently the model, whose real name is Kelly Steinbach, is suing Fiji Water, alleging they created AN unauthorised promoting campaign primarily based off the viral sensation she fronted.

Much like the so-called Corona women at the Mayweather v McGregor fight manner back once – in 2017 – firms have long paid models to market their products at events untidy with photographers and paparazzi.

But, seemingly oblivious to the present very little quirk of capitalist economy, or maybe revelling within the obliques idiocy of it, the web Jury takes nice pleasure in remarking the alleged photo-bombers and creating memes of them.

Well, a similar happened to Steinbach. over 50,000 individuals tweeted concerning her special look

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

A month later, and Fiji Water used her now-viral image at the Screen Actors guild (SAG) Awards last weekend – of a fashion.

The company commissioned some cardboard cut outs of Steinbach and strategically placed them on the red carpet to monopolise on the viral Twitter moment a month previous – as Hollywood are wish to try and do, with the recent wave of nostalgic remakes.

Steinbach is currently suing Fiji Water and its parent company, The fantastic Company, for allegedly making a promoting campaign around her viral moment while not permission, requesting the corporate to prevent using the cutouts and pay her for damages.

Despite last minute negotiations with the 31-year-old model’s agent, Fiji Water allegedly went ahead with the cutouts against her desires.

In documents filed to the courts, and obtained by The Blast, Steinbach’s lawyers allege Fiji Water have capitalised off her image likeness and had offered, ‘gifts to entice’ her to allow permission whereas pressuring her ‘into video a fake signing of a fake document to simulate… signing on as a Fiji Water Ambassador’.

On January 8, Fiji Water tried to negotiate an agreement with Steinbach’s agent, however it absolutely was too late as a cardboard cutout of the model was already standing outside of Bristol Farms in West Hollywood, the documents read.

She is currently demanding a payout however Fiji Water has refuted Steinbach’s claims and explicit the legal proceeding is ‘frivolous and completely while not merit’.

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