Fighter Fixes Opponents Dislocated Shoulder Then Resumes The Match

What a great showing of sportsman ship. But could you imagine fixing the dudes shoulder for him and then he knocks you out?!

Arkadiusz Wroblewski dislocates left shoulder after throwing a right punch. Paata Tschapelia fixes his shoulder and they continue to fight.

The fighting experts of YouTube were quick to chime in: “The way he threw that punch. Doesn’t look like he needs to be fighting anyways. Lmao”

Always experts when it comes to fighting from a bunch of people who probably never fight!

All I know is if my shoulder is going out in a fight. I am not getting back out there to throw any more punches. RIP ME.

Check out the video below:

Another fighter didn’t get as lucky as this dude. He threw a few punches and dislocated his shoulder.


Written by Colby

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